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Drywall Available

The Basics

Standard Drywall Sheets

The stack of WHITE drywall Standard Gypsum board panel. Plasterboard. Panel Type A designed for indoor walls

Standard drywall is the most common type of drywall. Standard drywall is ideal for walls and ceilings in rooms where moisture is not a concern. It is commonly made of a gypsum core wrapped in durable paper.


Moisture-Resistant Drywall

Moisture-resistant drywall, also known as greenboard, is designed for areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. It features paperless backing and a special coating to prevent molding from moisture exposure.


Fire-Resistant Drywall

Fire-resistant drywall contains special non-combustible fibers that enhance its fire-resistance properties, making it suitable for garages, utility rooms, and commercial buildings. This type of drywall prevents the spread and speed of fire.


Soundproof Drywall

Soundproof drywall, also known as sound-dampening drywall is thicker than other drywall types and is constructed of special materials to reduce sound transmission. It is perfect for bedrooms, home theaters, and offices.


Eco-Friendly Drywall

Eco-friendly drywall is similar to standard drywall except it is constructed of recycled materials.

Finishing Touches

Joint Compounds / Drywall Mud

Joint compounds, often referred to as “drywall mud,” are materials used in the finishing process of drywall installation. These compounds are applied over the seams between drywall sheets, as well as over screw or nail holes, to create a smooth, seamless surface ready for painting or wallpapering.

Range of Choices

Drywall Sizing Options Available

Advanced Performance

Sizes of Drywall

Closeup of male hands measuring and cutting drywall.

Drywall comes in several sizes, however, the three most common sizes are:

  • 4 x 8-foot: This is the most common size of drywall as it is versatile for either vertical or horizontal installation.
  • 4 x 10- foot: This size is typically desired for larger ceiling spaces.
  • 4x 12-foot: This is the largest size available for drywall and is ideal for rooms with elevated ceilings.
Trusted Quality

Drywall Thickness

White chip board stacked inside a new build house

Drywall is available in four thicknesses to cater to your project’s needs and purpose.

  • 1/4 -Inch: This thickness is the most commonly used to be mounted over an existing wall to hide old damages and to refresh a space. This thickness also works great for walls that have curves, as it works to fit bends rather than thicker panels.
  • 3/8-Inch: This thickness is commonly used to repair existing drywall projects. It is also thin enough to be manipulated into fitting curved wall.
  • ½-Inch: This thickness is the most common drywall thickness for standard interior walls.
  • 5/8-Inch: This is the thickest drywall available and is often the thickness of fire-resistant and soundproof drywall.
Our Brands


CertainTeed Drywall Available at Allegheny Millwork & Lumber

Constructing walls with precision requires materials that perform at the same high level. At Allegheny Millwork & Lumber, we offer a comprehensive range of dependable by CertainTeed.

Our CertainTeed products include:

  • Acoustic
  • Abuse & Impact Resistant
  • Fire-rated
  • Glass Mat
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture & Mold Resistant
  • Sag Resistant
  • Plaster Based Veneer
  • Standard Paper Faced
  • Shaftliner
  • Sheathing
  • Exterior Soffit
What You Should Know

Learn More About Drywall Materials

How do I maintain and repair drywall?

To maintain drywall, regularly cleaning it and repairing any damages as they are created is essential. To repair small dents and holes in drywall, a joint compound can be used. Large holes and dents may require replacing sections of drywall.

How do I choose the right type of drywall for my project?

Choosing the right type of drywall depends on your project. Things to consider when choosing drywall include the size of the space, the uses of the space, and the moisture levels. Talk to your Allegheny Millwork & Lumber to determine the best drywall for your space.

How much Drywall Do I Need?

This will depend on the size of the room that you will be covering and the size of the drywall used. In order to get an accurately estimate how much of the material will be needed for your project.

How Is Drywall Installed?

  1. Prepare for installation by marking the studs and cutting the drywall to fit.
  2. The hanging process: secure the drywall to the studs using screws or nails.
  3. Cover the seams with joint tape and apply joint compound.
  4. Smooth the surface once the compound dries.
  5. Prime and paint the new drywall.

What Tools Are Needed to Install Drywall?

  • Drywall saw or utility knife
  • Drywall square
  • Drywall screws or nails
  • Screw gun or hammer
  • Joint tape and joint compound
  • Taping knife and sanding tools
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